What are your thoughts on the 1-10 scale (on rating looks)?

IMO, it's a first impression rating. Not a longstanding number. When a guy rates a woman, that's just his first impression at the time. It can go higher or lower, based on who she is.

But women also have a number scale:

1 - yes

2 - no

Most women are black-and-white when they make their decision about guys. Either she intends to be with him, or she has no intentions with him.

With men and the number scale, the numbers signify a variety of different possible intentions.

1 to 4 - no intentions with the woman

5 to 6 - would have sex with, but wouldn't show her to his friends

7 - intends to get with her until he finds something better

8+ - would intend to stay with her for as long as possible

Just my thoughts.

Me personally, I don't classify women into numbers like that. But I have fun joking about the 10 scale.


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  • Like Chris Rock says. A woman decides within seconds of meeting you whether or not she'll f*** you. I really have no idea if it's true, because sh*t I'm not a woman. But it sounds believable enough.

    I use the scale in conversation with people or as comparisons, but no I don't generally look at a person and go "hey there a ___"


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  • It's more of a scale that people use for fun. I honestly don't think it is meant to be taken seriously. Your opinion of someone could change; an 8 one night might end up being a 6 the next.

    • yea, I agree. and I was just doing this for fun

  • The attractiveness scale is just something that guys only make up based on how they badly want a woman in bed.