What best suits my hair?

Hi, I'm looking for a hairstyle that best suits my hair. I'd like to do something new with my hair and I don't really know what would look good on me.

I have long, thick, curly dark brown hair, (but I straighten it quite often,) I have dark brown eyes, chubby cheeks but an angular chin, low cheekbones, and I am mixed race (Part Chinese part italian) and people have told me that I look very hawaiian, filipino or native.

I wasn't sure what I should do, ex. get it ombre-d or get it highlighted, or yeah.

Thanks for your time x


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  • Because of your ethnicity, your hair tends to be very coarse and thick as you said, so I would advise asking your stylist to remove a lot of interior weight during your next appointment and really focus on making it more manageable. Once that's done, I think highlights that were two or three levels higher (and with a soft red undertone )than what you have naturally would be very pretty. As a professional, I get tired of seeing women with dark hair and very blond highlights. And don't even get me started on ombres.

    • thank you so much, that's great advice

      i'll definitely take that suggestion x

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  • You will never go wrong with a straight one.

    Most guys find it to be the most attractive.

    • Thank you, I appreciate your time x

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  • Are you looking for a new cut, color, or just something different to do to the hair you have?

    Color would depend heavily on your skin tone-- different shades suit different people.

    If you would like to keep it as is, maybe try a nice, loose French Crown Braid? Or a French Lace Fringe Braid? Braids have been very popular recently (probably in reaction to the Hunger Games film), but not many women are very adventurous past a traditional style. Fishtails are stunning, too.

    I adore curly hair, by the way. Your hair sounds gorgeous.

    • Honestly, I'm willing to do almost anything with my hair.

      I will definitely take your suggestion in doing the different braids, thank you for that.

      And, thank you so much, you're so kind. It seems like everywhere I go, I get compliments on my hair, but unfortunately when I was little I got teased and bullied a lot for having my hair, which is kind of another reason why I want to try to do something different with my hair.

      Thank you so much x