Do I even have a chance with this guy?

I'm so tired of waiting around for this guy but then again, its probably my fault. I get so nervous around him I show no signs of interest. I think I might come off as if I hate him. I don't make eye contact or say hi because I am really shy.

Like I see him at work and whenever he comes, I can't bring myself to even look at him. If I do, he catches me and I quickly look down. If I see him in the street with his friends, he'll say hi so I'll say hi too. But that was only once and that was before I liked him. The following time that happened, his friend nudged him and they laughed and when he said hi he looked at my sister and not me. (We work together at a hair salon and she cuts his hair. I don't do hair)

Last time I got here from school, I came in all smiley and happy and when I saw that he was getting his haircut, he just looked at my eyes not smiley so I got scared and I stopped smiling and looked down.

I've noticed though that when ever I'm around, he'll turn his body towards me and stare for a bit. Then he'll look down. Then I'll look at him and he'll look up so I look down. ha ha I know. Its stupid.

I like him and I really want to talk to him. But I don't know if I ruined my chances with him? He probably stares because he finds it weird that I don't talk to him or something? He's outgoing and talks to a lot of people and I'm really quiet and shy. I just don't know. I bet he thinks I'm lame. And also I'm scared to show interest because a lot of girls throw themselves at him and he's an ass to them. I don't want him to be an ass to me.

So idk. How can I go about this? I've waited long enough (a year) but what if he doesn't like me? Or he thinks I'm weird?


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  • You really didn't ruin your chances.

    Simply talk to him the next time you see him.

    He's attracted to you as well.

    • I'm waiting for the opportunity to be alone with him so I can talk to him and my coworkers can't watch me but they're always there. I guess ill try saying at least hi and bye.

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  • Maybe I'm misled by the openning question but what exactly are you wating for? I think the "chance" so to speak isn't ever going to go until one of you stop being single.

    • Well idk. I'm scared he might just not be interested and I'm wasting my time. Since I act really awkward around him, he might think I'm an idiot.

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    • Yeah I think I am. This last time I saw him, I realized that I don't want to move on from him. I should stop being scared and go after what I want.

      Well this guy isn't much of a stranger. I met him about 6 years ago in high school. I started running into him about 3 years ago. I don't know if he knows my name but he knows mine and I know his mom and he has seen mine. We know some stuff about each other but we just haven't talked

    • I mean I know his name. Well his nick name. I forgot what his real name is but no one calls him by that but his mom.

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