Why do people in public stare at me like I'm a 'magnet'?

I'm 23 and in college. If I just look even for less then half a second at someone just like that for no reason, they, especially guys, glance at me for a long time. I have found this especially true for guys around in college. But, I noticed that even when I don't look at someone (guys and girls), I can see from the corner of my eyes that they still look at me.


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  • Hun you're gorgeous embrace it. I get why you're asking it makes you feel uncomfortable and like you've got paparazzi without the cameras. Honestly you get used to it. I've had cocky players purposely stare at me like creeps for 10 minutes who think its a turnon (yeah right). I've grown oblivious to the staring unless I think a guy is really hot which in that case ill glance back. Ignore the haters... You're not asking for compliments you're asking why people stare like creeps all the dang time. Worst is when you're eating and some guy is staring at you... Makes you lose your appetite.


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  • I assume you're fishing for the classic "You're good-looking" answer. If I notice someone looking at me, I'll look at them. Hell, I walk through the tunnels and look into the eyes of every single person that walks past me. I'm just looking around, taking the world in. There's no underlying reason behind it.

    • you took the words right out of my mouth. I never understand why some girls on here ask this question when the answer is so brutally obvious. Unless you're maimed in some way, its because you look good. I just find these questions now to be a stealthy way to fish for compliments

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    • Totally agree, Janson! No one will believe you, Asker.

    • Oh yea, I totally forgot! I guess anything "a girl" MEANS to say will always appear false to the guys. So be it!

  • No offense or anything, but it's college. 7/10 people staring at you are wondering how you look naked. 2/10 are hoping that you'd talk to them at some point because they'd like to date you/relationship from you. And the 1/10 feels that they are inferior to your looks and look at you to fantasize what their dream girl might look like.

    It's just college, if it gives you an ego boost then take it as that. If it makes you feel weird, well lookers gonna look.

    When someone is just naturally good looking what do you really expect? Them to just ignore you and look away?

  • It seems that they are attracted to you.

    Must be because you have good body shape.

  • Either you're hot, or disgustingly and uniquely ugly.


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  • If you're going to fish for compliments at least include a picture. Seriously, just stop, we get questions like this every day, they're getting ridiculous.

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