Prissy chicks or bad ass chicks?

ok well I may not look like it but I play paintball and go airsofting and four wheeling with the guys and don't get me wrong I know how to be a girly girl and dress like one... but I was wondering do you guys like a girl that can play rough with you or a total girl that loves shopping..?


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  • I totally go for the girls that can get down and dirty. I'll go play paintball with a girl any day, any time of the week!

    I like a girl that isn't afraid of every little thing. A girl that can play in the mud, the rain, and just get dirty an have fun. It's just mud! Oh, and don't care about breaking a nail either! They grow back.

    But I also like a girl that can be a girl when it is appropriate, but having a girl that isn't afraid of the more manly things is nice. It's just fun to play a shooter game, or a sport with a girl because it's so uncommon, and playing with guys gets boring after years and years of doing it.

    Lol, so bad ass chicks. But she should be caring, and not just an ass like a guy.


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  • Why are these the only two options? I would not want either of these hypotheticals. I hate being around boys that play paintball and mess with guns and sh*t. Having a girlfriend that was into that would just be absolutely terrible. But, on the other hand, I wouldn't want an overly-girly girlfriend, either. I would rather have someone who had interests similar to my own.

  • To me I'm more into chicks that can handle themselves and get down and dirty but either way a you souldn't need to choose one just be yourself, u'll find sum1


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