Are these feautres a turn off?

I am a young female 20

I'm chocolate,

I have a very wide nose and juicy lips, it's noticeable because I have a small baby face -_- I get mistaken for a 12 year old sometimes


I do have "nice" hair, it almost never looks bad.

I don't wear weaves, I have naturally long nails

I am 32 B in bra size

It use to be long, but I cut it like Alica Keys Haircut

I'm 4'9 and weigh 110 lbs, with a sort of athletic build

- have broad shoulders and toned arms, apparently nice legs

I feel really un attractive sometimes

I'm just wondering what do some think of these features

I don't feel comfty showing pictures, so please use your imagination

-ive been told I look like jody's mom for a movie called baby boy

-tika sumpter from Sprakle

-fantasia from American idol

-_- all these women look completely different so I don't understand


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  • From the your description, you sound absolutely stunning.

    To see ourselves as personally beautiful is a complicated feat, and often comes later in life. It is natural to question our appearances, and it is natural to feel insecure. Look in your mirror everyday and pick out at least one detail you find attractive, and say it out loud; say "I am beautiful."

    Stand a little straighter, walk a little more confidently, smile a litter more, and push yourself out of your comfort zone... those are all things I have noticed that can be used to overcome self-doubt.


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  • You sound attractive based on your description.

    Most girls would kill for that baby face. Toned arms and nice legs? Perfect! Your weight looks perfect. Sure, you're a tad shorter than other girls, but that's not a turn off.

  • Hard to tell with all the different women, but try not to care what people think of you so much. Everyone has their own preferences on appearance, someone might find you unattractive, another person will think your attractive.


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  • You sound adorable. Rock what you have :D

    • Off topic but are you a school days fan :0 that anime creeps me out well the ending! Also the sorry behind the nice boat

    • Haha guilty! And yeah, it was twisted. It's like a satire of all the cutesy, light animes out there. :p

    • most defiantly! lol.

  • Without pics it means nothing. You can't look like Jody's mom, Tika Sumpter AND Fantasia at the same damn time lol. you probably are pretty or at least decent looking and even if you're not, act like you're pretty and pretend you are anyway. Nobody has to know you're insecure