Do you think these are just by coincidence or what?

So this guy in my college has been acting weird. I got into an elective class late, where he was already in the class. He's the most confident and outgoing person I have ever seen. I think he has a girlfriend. The way I noticed the fact that he is in my class was pretty random. It was when my professor asked a question and the guy next to him answered, so I looked over and saw him. But I swear I never looked or stared at him in any way, so I don't get the reason the followings happened.

After I got out of my first elective class, I went to my locker to put my notebook back, and I realized I left my laptop in the classroom. I ran up the stairs and towards the room, looking down. When I looked up, I realized that the guy was standing at the side, staring at me. I turned away and kept running. Approximately 2 weeks later after class, I was walking down the stairs, and I saw him hugging his friends on one of the floors. I looked down and up and realized they were all looking at me till I kept going down. Some time later, after I came outta the elevator, looking down and walking towards the school store, he was coming out of the store, staring at me. When I looked up, he was still staring until we walked past each other. 2 weeks ago, when I was running up the stairs to the physics department, I bumped into him at the stairs exit. We locked eyes for about 2 sec and he left. Also, on this past Monday, when he came into the classroom, he looked at me and came to sit next to me (there's an aisle between us, but still), even though there were other seats to choose from. There was actually another seat right next to his but he decided to sit nearer to me. Sometimes he turned his head and looked at me, but I only saw it through the corner of my eyes. Yesterday we git our midterms back, and after he got his, he went back to his seat through the longer way to walk past me and suddenly dropped his midterm and he did this quick pick up act. I don't know if he did it purposely, but I'm sure the first part was. Throughout the semester he would once in a while look at me when he walks into the room.

Am I over thinking or something? Do you think these are just by coincidence or something? Do you think his actions mean anything? What do you think his actions mean? What I don't get is he's seriously the most confident type of guy I've ever seen, so why didn't he actually do something if he's that confident?


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  • Those are not coincidences.

    Those are stares of attraction.

    It seems that he really does have a girlfriend that's why he's not making a move at all.

    • I think you're right. I just found out that he does have a girlfriend. Maybe he's afraid that knowing me would affect his current relationship with his girlfriend. Thanks.

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