As a song writer, Do the winners on the songwriting site below make you mad?


I was checking this site just to see if it was legitimate, and it seems as though it is. But I went to check the songs out because I thought that they may be some really good songs on their. So I went through a few and they are all mainstream poop lyrics. like full of Sh!t lyrics and such...lyrics along the lines of "I looked into your eyes and I saw the love and blaaaaaaahhhhhhh". it just makes me so mad when I she amazing artists not getting the recognition they should be getting. does this site make you angry, like it did for me? just listen to a few seconds of lyrics or look at some of the just lyric entries. like I feel bad for the writers of these songs, because they are just writing "nothing" lyrics. and then there are lyrics that go to far with overzealous descriptions and such. kind of makes me angry that they try so hard to be crappy and get reconized lol. but who am I to judge lol. its waiting room music.. which I would only compliment with a fart.


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  • Well, I guess it depends what the competition was. Maybe they really where the best that entered?

    IHere's some real talent. I'm not sure if you've heard of this one guy, probably not, his name is Justin beiber, you should check him out. This song boyfriend is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!


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  • Why would any self-respecting artist waste their creativity on a sh*t site like this?

    The prizes are a pipe dream.

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