Could the guy from the lab like me back?

I had a lab to attend and met a really nice and sweet tutor there. He is also a student but in a higher term. He tutored our girl's group for one day. He used to smile at me, to make fun with me and while explaining he looked at me more often that at anyone else. In the end he asked me if I had got everything or if he should explain it again to me, more or less in private. Also I caught him sometimes staring at me. One time he was in an ongoing conversation as he watched me but looked away as he realized I caught him. Some days later I briefly met him again. I walked by and he followed my way with his gaze, even stopped talking. This was the last time I met him and the lab was 2 months ago. However, I don't get him out of my mind. Do you see at least a chance for me he could like me back and I should give it a try? And do you have any tip how I could contact him since he doesn't seem to have a Facebook profile. Thanks!


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  • I read these types of questions a lot. Especially from women. The answer is painfully obvious: Ask him out. I don't understand why that's so hard for women to do. Men always have to ask women out. What's the worst case scenario? Will you jaw drop off? Find out from the person who set up the lab how you can track down the tutor. Don't stalk the guy, just confidently ask him if he wants to go out for coffee or lunch.

    • I see, but it's hard for me to ask him out because he's probably a lot older and in a relationship. What would that make me if that's the case. I don't know if he's still thinking about me. And yeah, the guy who sat up the lab was my prof ;) Thanks for your reply.

  • No, it will never work out, both of you are too scared of each other. But without a doubt what you guys went through is called chemistry. Or he might have a girlfriend, but that doesn't even matter bec he's showing interest.

    • Thanks! But I don't get why you think we are scared of each other.

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