Girls: Heels & cobblestone?

I'm a pumps and heels newbie and just bought a pair of pumps with a 8cm (3.14inch) heel and a 1cm (0.39inch) plateau.

I'm getting comfortable walking in them, but so far I haven't tried it out on cobblestone. There's a lot of it where I live. Ugh! :-)

Do you girls walk on it? If so...any advice on how to best do it? Or do you avoid it? Second pair of shoes in your bag (flats)? Heels just for clubbing? Walk around it?

I found lots of "how to" videos on YouTube, but not one of them was one where the woman walked on cobblestone, so I thought I'd ask on GAG.


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  • you tippy toe, don't put any weight on the heel cause if you do the heel can slip on the cobblestone so you will lose your balance or your heel can get stuck inbetween stones. Tippy toeing also works when walking in grass.


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  • None of these were "how to" videos but when I put in heels and cobblestone to YouTube there were a few you could look at. If there is a lot of cobblestone where you live you could always find a place to practice walking I guess.

    • Thanks! They may not be how to videos, but it's better than none at all. :-)

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    • No worries. I found them :-)

    • Good luck then.

  • Congrats on getting into heels

    • Lol...thanks, I guess haha.

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  • I would definitely bring a second pair of shoes to put on later. Cobblestone and pumps don't mix. The small, thin heel will more than likely either break or get caught and then trip you while walking. Especially if you will be drinking.

    If you do want to wear heels on cobblestone, try wedges, or a more solid chunky heel. These will less likely get caught and trip you.

    My advice if you are going to try it, just be careful. Try not to walk fast and watch where you step!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. My heel isn't super thin, but not especially chunky either. I'm going to give it a shot. If it doesn't work I'll put some flats in my bag in the future. :-)

  • Wow your acting like its rocket science to wear heals its really not that hard. They may hurt your feet after a while but I'm sure you can do it. I've walked on cobblestone with them before and its not bad you just have to be carful.

    • To me it is...I wouldn't be asking the question if it weren't.

      I'm sure I will manage as well, but in this case beforehand advice can be really helpful and makes it easier. Nothing wrong with that. :-)