How do you HONESTLY feel when you see pictures of your ex looking beautiful?

I'm not necessarily talking about you taking a specific action like trying to get her back etc, but how do you feel when you see pictures of her looking beautiful (not whorish, slutty, etc)?

  • Miss her/think about her a little more
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  • Feel happy for her
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  • Feel like wanting to date her again and experience the good times
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  • Jealous and want to be better off (happier, more successful etc) than her
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  • Other/see answer
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Can I answer this from a female heterosexual stance?

    I still find all of my ex's attractive, That is ONE of the factors that contributed to me dating them in the first place. I normally feel like patting myself on the back saying "Daym I've got GREAT taste in men" lol

    IF I see that they are still attractive AND doing incredibly well, I feel happy. I feel happy that I've got a great choice in men and I'm also happy that they are doing well and being prosperous.

    I've never had a "bad" breakup. but even if I did I'm not a jealous or vindictive person.

    I make sure to end things completely when ever I end a relationship. I believe in getting closure so there isn't any backtracking.


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What Guys Said 5

  • She'll never look more beautiful than when we were together and I actually had trust in her. Any ex. Once you give up and break up or it ends (as I don't end it, I never get in casually, I'm not going to leave a relationship casually) I'm not going to trust you and I'm going to find you a disgusting person more so than a beautiful one.

    So never had that problem. Though, one particular ex, when I see her smiling in pictures it pisses me off because she doesn't deserve to smile. But that's whatever, I haven't seen one of her in years and don't care.

    • You sound so negative/bitter. Just because someone breakup with you, doesn't mean they are bad people.

      They just don't want to be in that relationship with you anymore. Everyone has a right to change their minds.

    • For that one bitch? I am. For others? No. Just breaking up isn't a problem. The problem is the one bitch and what she did. And no, I have no interest in sharing that.

      And you should never get into a relationship with someone if you're so fickle or didn't give it serious thought and weren't ready for a long relationship that'll have good AND bad to go through. Which means be ready to work through the bad. For anyone who gives up so easily? I tend to think them ugly.

    • And, to be honest, I see women giving up way easier/more frequently than I do men. Not that most men I meet are much better, but there's enough men I see not willing to give up and fight and work on things and try to make them better and usually women are the ones that always give up. Hell, look at the statistics. Women are mostly the ones filing for divorce.

  • If I'm the one that broke it up then I would start liking her more and reminded of her beauty. If she broke up with me then I would be pissed and jealous.

  • Should have added the choice, ex gained weight and looks horrible and seeing a picture of her trying to look beautiful just makes me feel good about life

  • Don't feel anything about her.

  • I think, " Damn, wish I could have sex with her just one more time."


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly? I haven't seen one good picture of my ex since he dumped me. He's changed so much since school started this year and I'm really not a fan of him anymore. I miss him sometimes, but I miss the old him. Not the new him.

    But his mom posted a picture of him on Facebook the other day and I cried a little. Some days I hate him and other days I'm happy for him... I'm still pretty mixed about the whole breakup and it's been 4 months lol..

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