Good hair tonic for men and where to buy it in London, UK?

I recently tried hair tonic for the first time, and I preferred it to gel or wax.

Men who use ordinary/everyday hair tonic, what brand would you recommend? I've heard Vitalis is good. You can buy it from Amazon, but it costs £7, much more expensive than the $2 you can allegedly get it for in the US. I haven't been able to find hair tonic in any shops here in London. I guess it's quite old-fashioned. Where can I buy some good hair tonic here?

I don't mean hair tonic for promoting hair growth. I mean old-fashioned hair tonic for styling: it has the same function as gel or wax essentially, but it's more subtle.


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  • My hair grew an inch in a month from drinking this link Take garlic pills to prevent shedding

    • No, I don't mean hair tonic to promot hair growth. I mean old-fashioned hair tonic, the kind used for styling. It's like a liquid version of gel or wax, i.e. more subtle.

    • Oh, I'm really sorry... I misunderstood you completely :/

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  • Or you can grow a pair instead

    • no, but yours is

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    • It's so obvious you're a closeted gay man. Only a guy who's insecure about his sexuality would get so hysterical about hair-styling, LOL.

    • nah