How will I ever get him to like me?

dear anybody,

there is this kid in my class.

i like him and he knows but

my crush on him is getting weird because i want to talk to him but i cant thank of anything to say.

and i am always thinking and wondering if he likes me.

i asked my friend if she will see if she likes me.

so she did something stupid like dressed up like a boy and asked him if he likes me and he didn't answer. do you know how i could get him to go out with me?

if so help please




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What Guys Said 2

  • You can't make people like you, it's a choice that's up to them. But there are things you can do to make yourself stand out in a positive way to get him to notice you. Project confidence, smile, flirt, laugh, play, et al, with him. See how he reacts. It'll show him you're not afraid~

  • HAHAHA, your friend pretended to be a boy? Are you serious?

    Kaitlin, you can't make boys like you, just like boys can't make you like them. Either they like you or they don't. The only thing you can do is be yourself, and be picky and patient, and wait for a boy to come along that likes you for who you are. You're very young, and you have plenty of time. I didn't have my first girlfriend until I was 18. I know it sucks being single, but either guys like you or they don't. Don't take it personal.


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  • Uhm yea...that was stupid of your friend haha...but in order to help you with this question I am going to need to know the personality of this boy. Is he quiet, shy, sweet, nice, jock, popular, jerk, outgoing, mean, etc...

    • Yeah he's sweet and and popular.

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