My hair :( :(

I dyed it in October to dark.Now it falls out so much,i don't know what can be the reason,i take medicine for it.

But my parents keep telling me not to wash it often,and not to dye it anymore,but what can I do? It used to be shiny long... and now I cut it,its short but still soooooo weak,falls out and I should wash it every single day. So what do I do? Go to the doctor? Or get extensions? As I wanna dye it like I used to,but I'm scared it would fall out more...its pretty noticeable on my head as I have dark brown hair almost black.What do I do?


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  • Wash it every second day, even three if you can get away with it (have regular baths to was your body of course)

    The best medicine for hair is its own natural oils.

    If you do dye your hair go to a professional salon.

    Do NOT get extensions, they are horrible for your hair, if you think your hairs falling out now, wait till you get those.

    But you can get clip in extensions to wear out if you want, their made of real hair (some are fake hair but clearly don't get those) but also, don't wear them ALL the time.

    If your hair is looking dull its because you haven't used a clarifying shampoo, which is really important to use once a week if you use styling products. Something like Neutrogena's anti-residue formula, its clear in a short bottle almost yellow in color.

    Biosilk treatments are also good to do on your hair, I do one once a month.

    Also in using salon products, like from a salon, shampoo's, conditioners and whatnot specially fitted for your hair (ask a stylist) you will notice a major difference as well.

    P.s if you take Flax seed oil, or fish oils, they help with healthy hair growth. Same with a healthy diet.


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  • I say listen to liquidlithium.

    Avoid washing it so much.

    I wash mines like once a month, but that's the only way to keep it strong, thick, and healthy.

    Not saying you should reduce your washes to once a month, but still.


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  • lol whatever you do...DONT DYE IT AGAINNN! Let it grow out and be healthy. I would suggest taking prenatal vitamins. They have TONS of folic acid which promotes healthy hair and nail growth. Don't wash your hair as much, don't use any form of heat on it as much, don't brush it when its wet, etc. It will be hard, but I had a lot of heat damage last year, and I did this and my hair is great now! I would not steer you wrong :) good luck!

  • Go to the hairdresser-the best one you can find! For a consultation (these are free, so have one at the best haidressers, you can always go to a cheaper salon to actually get something done). At your consultation they will tell you how to care for your hair and what you should have done with it, if you can carry on dyeing it etc.

  • That happened to me too, I dye my hair all the time and I dyed it black a few months ago and it falls out like sh*t. I started buying shampoo that says "gives your hair stregnth" and stuff like that and it helped a lot.

  • biotin is very good for hair growth but be careful it makes you grow hair Everywhere!

    i wouldn't dye my hair again. just concentrate on getting it back healthy again. try to cut down on how much you use heat on it too