What should I do to make my heel better?

I was hiking in my boots and my right heel scraped against the back. It ripped the back of my heel and some skin is peeled off. It hurts so much that I'm limping on that foot. This has happened before, but never to the point where it hurt so much I was limping.

I have had these boots since I was a teenager, I'm 30 now. So now I'm looking into getting new boots.


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  • Neosporin is the short term healing answer. Long term you need new boots, get a good pair this time since you'll have them for a while. I like my Timberlands, look at that brand (the hiking boots, not the worker ones). Buy them a half size larger than your shoes so you have room for cotton socks and then thicker wool socks on top of those. Then make sure you wear the boots tight enough, the socks will pad/support areas.

    *note: I don't own Neosporin or Timberland stock or work for them

    • Thanks I'll try that.

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    • It works to clean it. There's no scab yet. Just a little piece of skin still covering it. But it's not helping the pain.

    • By putting tape on it and pushing that flap of skin onto the wound via that tape, that could not only help that skin or at least part of it that never died from lost oxygen/nutrients heal back onto the cut, but the light pressure it applies to the wound should transfer the pain from a sting to a pressure, the latter is usually less painful and annoying. Don't tape it too tight that it restricts circulation though, &make sure tape is not on the wound itself (ie, kleenex or something is over it)

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