Need help brainstorming for my salon

Im about to start my own business, I'm planning on opening a salon/makeup store. And since I'm a makeup artist I'm going to do bridal makeup and all that has to do with the makeup part. And I will hire hairstylists and a nail tech.

But I want more in the salon so my question is what services do you want a salon to have?


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  • I'd like it to be affordable, for one. I have really been wanting to get turquoise streaks in my hair, but it's way too expensive. If you have good quality as well as affordability, I think you'll do pretty well.

    A few things I came up with are temporary treatments and a junior section. Meaning, have an option for temporary dyes and washable color streaks (especially if you can do these on dark hair; it's so hard to find, we dark-haired people would love you!) since a lot of people like these for a special effect and yet don't have the time or energy to do them at home. Also keep a junior section, where you have hypoallergenic, kid-appropriate makeup and nail treatments, and you can advertise that. It can be something like a "Mom and Me" promotion; the mothers can get their hair/nails done while their daughters can get sparkly clip-in extensions, mini-manicures, or whatever you decide your staff can handle. Be sure to hire someone good with kids if you do that. Also, make sure the kids' stuff is way cheaper than the adult versions.

    Another good thing is holiday promotions. Around Halloween or any other holiday that encourages themed make-up or nails (Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, etc.), put up a chart of 6-12 different looks that are only on sale for the holidays. Google "fairy make up," "Valentine's nail designs," and similar things to see what you can do for a few days approaching each holiday.

    • I did think of having funky colored extensions, so if someone wants a couple of pink streaks in their hair that can be done. I will not offer kids cuts, but if someone comes in with their daughter and she wants her nails painted like her mom then that's OK, and I will have mommy and me events on mother's days :)

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  • Tanning beds/fake tan booths seeing how those are partly considered as makeup or at least cosmetics nowadays.

    • a tanning bed takes up too much space

    • Then fake tan booths are an alternative. Many of them are basically pop-up tents.

    • yea spray tan, I did think of that too but there is already 3 spray tan places in the town I live in and they are really cheap so I don't know how much money it will generate. But having someone that comes in and give spray tans when they have booked clients is possible.

  • Concentrate on few! Better a few things done really right than a lot of things rated as mediocre!

    • i agree, but at the same time when it comes to a salon it will hurt business when you can't offer a lot of services and you always have to be keep up with the latest trends and keep it updated. So I guess I have to balance it :)

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  • I think it'll be nice to do makeup classes couple times a month and have people sign up for it and also get some fun gifts from it (possibly offer champagne or something.) That way, you're making it like a girl's night out, and it's a fun birthday event girls can do.

    Also do makeup competitions.

    Be careful about doing nail tech. I've had many nail tech friends who got kicked out of a salon because the hair stylists got upset with the chemical smell and dust.

    • yes, I will do makeup classes and host events, with different themes and targeting different kinds of people. I will have a nail tech that do manicure, gel nails and nail art... acrylic nails smells really bad and is toxic and I don't want that in the salon at all. But I will keep that in mind and not have the nail tech and hairstylist too close to each other so the hairstylists won't be bothered by the smell of nail polish

    • So no pedi's in the salon (I noticed in your comment you didn't mention them). That would be abreaking point for me-i want my nails to match :)

    • No... I wouldn't say that. I'm just saying to be careful about offering services like that in. It might be better to have a separate room for those customers

  • Don't forget about "prom" events! Maybe offer professional pictures if a group signs up for prom? Also, if you have a hair stylist-does that mean cutting hair too?

    And pedi's are a must!

    • yea, for hair we do, blow outs, cuts, colors, highlights, styling and extensions and I'm thinking of keratin treatments. Prom events is covered :)

    • Hair chalk could also be part of your styling too :) it's pretty simple to do.

  • Waxing!.. you know them eyebrows lol, and massages sound really nice omg :)

  • 1) Option for spray tan

    2) Massage therapist

    3) When I get my nails done, I enjoy a pedi too. I'm not sure if you'd do that too.

    • i did think of spray tan and looked around and there is 3 salons that is just for spray tan in the town I live in and they take somewhere between 35-40 bucks so I don't see much money in spray tan, but maybe have someone that comes in and do it now and then and see how many clients like it. I did think of pedis and you are right medis and pedis goes hand in hand. Massage is also a great idea, I did think of having a scalp and temple massage to start with.

    • I think it'll be nice to give your customer's options for a more 'affordable' service. So even if the spray tan may not make you much money (which personally, I think it would if you make more than 50% profit and also you wouldn't need to hire a professional to do this), it'll be beneficial to the business.