Morality of Physical Appearance

Hello everyone I am fairly new to this site and I have decided to create my first post on the morality of physical appearance. I know that to the common person physical appearance may mean what a person looks like to others. However this is not the case. Visual appearance is what people visually see such as your eyes, ears, nose, etc. Now I do not claim to be an expert on anything whatsoever. These are just my moral clashes within my mind that I wish to share with you people. :)

Anyways the question I am posing, is it moral that some people are born with more attractive physical appearances to the public eye. Is it something we can even solve rationally? Is it similar to the opinion that everyone is born with different advantages or disadvantages solely based on luck?

This is my question and I hope that someone reading this can help me form a discussion and help me clear my head. Thanks

Nathan Fryzek

I think I should clarify on some points I made because I understand that I have been unclear. Is it moral for someone to view another in a certain way because of their visual appearance?


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  • I don't think it is a question of morality but of preference and it has been drilled in our genetics to view people this way. It has been accounted that babies lay their eyes longer in people who they find attractive. According to Da Vinci it is a question of proportions. On the other hand, I do believe that each person has their own advantages because the reason that they have survived was because of natural selection, therefore; there must be some advantages in their genes to be allowed to propagate. Genetic variation increases our chances of our survival as a specie. Okay, I've drifted too far away from the subject, let me get back on track. When I was younger, I cared a lot about physical attractiveness and it would constitute my first impression on people. Contrary, now; I evaluate people for their inner beauty because physical attractiveness can only last so long. I don't believe it is a moral issue to solve, because some people look past physical attractiveness though it would be a plus. (PS: I used to find my boyfriend physically unattractive but after knowing him I found him more and more attractive physically just based on the fact that he was a nice guy.) Oh... maybe that's it, if people are genuinely nice they could be viewed more attractive physically just because of their personality. I know this is an odd concept, but there has been many guys viewed "a bit unattractive" but because of their good personality has become popular and "attractive". OR, the other way to solve it: plastic surgery? maybe that's why it is so popular?


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  • this was so formal. but to answer the question... I don't think anyone is born more attractive. we just been conditioned to find some faces better than others.

    • Conditioned? Clearly not. Babies look longer at faces that conform better to objectively identified parameters of beauty. Clearly the fact that symmetrical faces with certain proportions are more attractive than asymmetric ones is one that owes its existence to hard-wired human nature, not society's conditioning.

  • Moral: of relating to of right and wrong behavior

    Being born with "better" or "worse" appearances is not a choice that you might and does not relate to wrong or right behavior so no it is not immoral or moral that people are born with distinctions.

    However it IS immoral for society to judge and treat people based on looks that we're given to them by no fault of their own.


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  • Solely based on luck and probability. You may be under the assumption that life is fair? If you are then it is not fair based on the natural order of things. Through society I think we convey that we would like fairness in all things. It's just not realistic.

    A person will inherit genes from a mother and father. In my personal opinion one should not procreate unless they have good genetic makeup. (not fair I know) Although this would eventually further us as a healthy species. Others should just adopt. I don't mean looking beautiful I mean seriously unhealthy and genetic diseased.

    Don't think too much into what you have and don't have. It really doesn't matter. What you do with your life and what you make out of it is what matters. Plenty of beautiful people who don't do a thing with life and have all the advantages. Bottom line is that don't want it badly enough. Hopefully any shortcoming one may have will drive him/her to push forward and make up for those things. Forget moral clashes within your mind, your morality on the grand scale of life does not mean much in terms of action. It only has significance within your own mind.

    • Is it moral for one to view another in a certain way based on appearance ? To me, it is wrong. I am good to anyone that is good to me. I am respectful. If a woman for instance is not to my sexual preference I would not be interested in being with her. That does not mean I would be rude to her.

    • I'm not talking about being rude, I am talking about the biological construct that determines ones view, not there reaction to ones appearance.

    • Why are certain features found attractive and others are not? Symmetry, healthy vibrant skin, bodies that looked nurished (strong male curvy female) tend to be things we find attractive. Its biologically imbedded for better reproduction.

  • morals have nothing to do with somebodys physical appearance. morals are something you learn through life experiences, and learning from other peoples experiences and from your parents etc. I think what you mean is, is it OK to judge people for the way they look. and no its not OK. but that doesn't stop people from being vain and shallow. everybody views beauty differently though.

  • Is it moral for someone to be born a certain way? Morality has nothing to do with biology because good ol' Mother Nature is cruel, at least from our perspective. "She" has no sense of moral or immoral, pretty or ugly, or anything else like that. Mother Nature only knows what works and what doesn't, just as biology only knows it's own developmental cycle. There is no end result in how someone looks as they are being conceived, they just...develop.

    Not sure how morality got into this question.

    • Morality is subjective. Do YOU think that it's immoral or otherwise wrong to view someone in a certain light based on their physical appearance?

      I don't.

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    • I think it is immoral to view them poorly. I do not think it is as immoral to judge someone on there visual appearance because of the addition of clothing, jewelry, etc that they have more control over.

    • What are you apologizing for?

      Anyway, it IS wrong to base strong beliefs about someone's appearance or look down on them. However, to say that it is wrong, immoral, or whatever else as if to say that a person can and/or should control it is another story. We do judge people based on their appearance. If we consciously treat them differently, that's one thing. But for anyone that denies they do it are only trying to fool themselves.