Do you think makeup isn't much different to plastic surgery?

First of all, I do not believe is this, and it is just an idea I'm throwing out there. Anyway, I am well aware of the fact that makeup is something you can just wipe off at the end of the day. But really, what makes someone with makeup any better than a person who has breast enhancements? Its not like the idea of makeup is to be put on when in the public exposed, is it? And if anyone says,"I don't wear makeup to please others, I wear makeup to make myself feel good about myself", that's fine to say that. But truly many, and I mean many, people use this justification for their body enhancements as well.

When I'm refering to makeup, I'm associating makeup with both men and women and not just exclusively women.


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  • i know you say you do not believe this, but in answer to the question I feel like this is one of things that if you cannot see the difference yourself then there's no point trying to explain it,

    you know, yes, you can argue they both come from the same basic desires, to make ourselves looks better out of vanity or insecurity or whatever, but they're at very different ends of the spectrum,

    if you're going to say that being motivated by the same basic principles makes them the same you could also extend it further and say shaving your legs, getting a flattering hair cut or wearing a flattering cut and just generally trying at all to look good is basically the same as plastic surgery,


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  • "Body enhancements" are permanent. Make up is not. When you do something that's permanent, it suggests a much deeper insecurity.

    • How does it show a deeper insecurity?

    • You realize that's tantamount to asking why a surgical operation is more serious that painting your face.

  • i don't think its the same, cause makeup adds color and make you look more well rested and healthy, plastic surgery doesn't do that.

    • What about eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick? I don't think that makes you look rested and healthy... (playing devil's advocate)

    • Ofcourse it does, if you know how to use it. If you have small eyes you can make then appear bigger, if you have droopy eyes you can make them look not so droopy and you do that with some help of the eyeliner. Lipstick and eyeshadow adds color to your face that makes you look better, well rested and refreshed. I am a makeup artist and I have put makeup on girls that looked good with out makeup but you still see the difference when they have makeup on they are more vibrant with some extra color

  • One is permanent the other isnt


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  • Actually make-up is very different than cosmetic surgery. For one make-up can be applied and reapplied to give off a different look. Cosmetic surgery isn't as easily applied and while it too can be reversed, it can't be done without having to undergo another surgical procedure.

    I can understand your point in thinking that some women tend to undergo cosmetic surgery for similar reasons as they apply make-up, but in reality, even that's somewhat of a generalized statement. Granted a lot of people, both men ad women, undergo cosmetic surgery in effort to enhance features they otherwise aren't happy with, but many times it is a necessity to regain a normal appearance, particularly after a physical accident that may have caused significant scarring or a life saving surgical procedure to remove a certain amount of body tissue that caused a disfigurement of sorts.

    While you can say that they are still doing it to feel better about themselves, quite often its also felt that its more of a necessity to escape public ridicule, deeming it a little more necessary than the person who is doing it strictly for cosmetic reasons.

    While not a common elective cosmetic surgical procedure, skin grafting can be required to replace burned skin or to close a wound that would otherwise leave a terrible scar. Breast implants may be an elective that a woman would have never considered if she hadn't undergone a partial or total mastectomy due to malignant tumors found within the tissue.

    Sometimes when being critical of others its always best to understand the reasons behind the decisions and to try to be more empathetic and understanding of the person who has chosen the procedure who more out of necessity than just plain physical enhancement.

    • Ok so two things;

      One, I am not just associating makeup with just women, I'm associating makeup with both men and women which is why I said "people".

      Secondly, I do not believe in the idea I asked; wanted to know what others felt about it.

    • Fair enough. Let's me just reword the thing to include men who undergo cosmetic surgery as well, since men also have accidents. Additionally, if a man is wearing make-up then I would consider that a bit vain and over the top. Personally I'm not a big fan when women wear it excessively, but when a man does it, that makes me even less of a fan. Cosmetic surgery by anyone who does so specifically as an elective just for the sake of "self improvement" would come off to me as a bit shallow and

    • vain. I can understand it more and empathize with them more if it was more out of necessity, but just because of esteem issues of how they see themselves or how they perceive others as seeing themselves is totally not something I'm in agreement with, but it is their choice and they have to live with it, not me.

  • You run risks when having surgery

    The only risk you run with makeup is clogged pores.

    If someone's willing to risk destroying their face or breast area I'd say they fear/cherish their looks more than someone that just wears makeup