Am I trying to perfect myself?

Ever since I started high school, I've been getting extremely caught up with the way I look. That's a good thing...When taken in moderation...But I think I might be trying to perfect my appearance to cover up for the fact that I'm shy and have trouble in social situations...

I'm especially caught up in my weight...I'm 5' 10'' and weigh about 170 pounds.

So I decided that this coming summer I was going to start a really rigorous exercise plan and lose 20-30 pounds. It sounded good from the start...But now it seems like I'm losing a lot of confidence...At first I thought I was pretty attractive and now I think I'm ugly.

How can I fix this? I want to look healthy and attractive, but I don't want to over do in an attempt to hide my social problems.

And why do I suddenly feel like I'm unattractive?


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  • ok

    1. in my opinoin your very cute, so don't be down on that

    2. I'm a kinda shy person too until I get to know someone so being shy isn't really that bad either.

    3. your actually in a pretty good weight area for your height (not to sound like a complete dork or anything, which I kinda am, but anyways I did like a project thing on how height affects weight and stuf and blah blah blah so ya)

    4. excersizing is really good for anyone but if I may reccomend a "program" lifting weights and doing crunches and push ups is all you need. maybe 20-30 minutes a day. ya I do 30 minutes a day cause I have this disease that turns my food into fat on my body and well lets just say I was a VERY chubby four year old :) NOT ANYMORE I PROMISE. (people always think I'm fat when I tell them that) so ya basically when your done lifting weights you muscle are still working so theyre still burning calories and blah blah you probably already know this.

    5. I've written waaaaay too much and it sounds stupid but it took so long to write I'm still gonna put it on!


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  • I know how you feel man. I look good on the outside but once I take my shirt off I'm not exactly beach-body material... let's just put it that way. Still though, it's this feeling of "ugliness" that's motivated me to continue to work out and better myself. In a strange way, my negative thoughts have forced me to do more positive things about my health. And it's not like I'm killing myself over this either.

    You attempting to make yourself look good shouldn't be seen as a way to "hide" your social problems but rather as improvements or fixes. If anything, girls are "less visual" than us guys so you don't need to totally work yourself out. Just be decent looking but definitely maintain a great and genuine personality.

  • 170lbs is a normal weight for that height. If you lost 20 - 30 pounds, you'd be bordering on being underweight.

    • I might be 5' 8'' or so...Im not exactly sure...All I know is that I look fat and it really bothers me.