Which one will you choose guys ?

hi guys,

let's say you have to choose between these 2 girls which one will you pick and why ? and will you date and have a relationship with or just nothing serious

1st girl

*a lot of makeup

*kind of showing skin or really tight jeans

* great body but not that pretty face

*forward girl

2ng girl

* light makeup

*long dress kind of girl not showing a lot of skin

* great body plus pretty face

*nice girl kind of a bit shy

take your pick

thank's guys


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  • 1st girl:

    a lot of make up = turn off

    kind of showing skin or really tight jeans = if done with taste, turn on

    great body plus pretty face = 1-1=0

    forward girl = perfect!

    2nd girl:

    light makeup = good

    long dress kind of girl not showing a lot of skin = I like a little mystery

    great body plus pretty face = great

    nice girl kind of a bit shy = shyness is a problem at first because I'm a bit shy too, but eventually can be overcome. Niceness is good.

    I would choose girl 2 when considering just those characteristics, mostly because excessive make up is a big turn off for me and otherwise it was quite even.


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  • I would go for the second girl, simply for the facts she has pretty face, with light make-up, she dresses conservative (perhaps a little too conservative) but all the same, she appears to be the better choice for me. In regard to her shyness, I am hopeful and pretty sure that as we spend time together she will break out of her shyness toward me even if she remains shy in public.

    Girl number one seems to be a bit too out there for me and I really find excessive make-up too much of a turn off to even give consideration.

  • #1 Hands down.

    Forward girl? wow I wish more girls were like this. I know for a fact she's not gonna play games with me or is not gonna make me wait a decade to get what I want lol.

  • These types of questions are bogus, because you are telling me what's inside the girl's heads.

    Here's what I'd actually see:

    Girl 1:

    - lots of makeup

    - great body

    - okay face

    - seems to like me

    Girl 2:

    - light makeup

    - body probably good but I haven't seen it

    - pretty

    - doesn't seem to like me

    I go with girl 1, obviously.

  • Definitely 2, but it would be awesome if she were more forward

  • I would choose girl number 2. A lot makeup is way too much.


What Girls Said 1

  • of corse there going to choose pretty face + great body. the rest is irrelevant. a shy person can become forward. a not attractive person, well harder to change. but anyways you can't really say someone is not pretty. because everyone has different taste. post pics.

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