What should I wear to an Abercrombie Kids interview?

I accidentally went into an aberkids last week and on the way out I got recruited. I'm looking for a summer job so I applied and my interview is tomorrow. Now the problem is when I went to their website, all the mens styles were shorts, flip flops, medium wash jeans, and basically summer clothes. That normally wouldn't be a problem but tomorrow it's supposed to rain hard with a high of 39. My plan is to wear tan boat shoes, slim fit brown jeans, and a gray v-neck wool sweater over a gray v neck t shirt. It looks good on me (and isn't as dark as it sounds), and fits for the weather conditions. But it's not very Abercrombie-like. Will it work or do you suggest something else?

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  • I think that's fine.They are not looking for a Abercrombie model, they are looking for a worker.

    So if your style is slightly different from the brand then that's fine.

    Has long has you are dressed appropriate and you show that you are able to handle the tasks of the job, you will be fine.

    Good luck ! Hope you get it.

    • Oh I forgot to mention that I applied for the floor model position haha. If I do get the job then I'll end up buying some of their clothes or something to fit in more. Anyways, thanks for the second opinion.

    • Ty for ba . Whatever position it is has long has you show you are capable you will do fine.

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  • if you work there you will be required to wear Abercrombie clothing so I'd go ahead and get an abercrombie polo or long sleeved shirt from them(check the clearance rack!) and wear that with khaki pants or something.

  • An Abercrombie shirt.


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