What are the "IN" style these days?

What I am asking is, what are the new trends or styles that teenagers are wearing these days? my mom and I are refreshing my wardrobe and we are going shopping on Sunday. I want to fit in a little more as far as what people are wearing. this is just for ideas because I am wanting to change a little bit of who I am so I want to start with new clothes. any answer is welcome and will help. thank you all in advance.

oh I should have probably mentioned that we are on a budget so I can't exactly just go buy hollister or aeropostle or any other high dollar brand.


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  • This sounds a bit boring. You WANT to fit in? That is what 95% of people do because it's safer, but people wearing what they want to wear is much more interesting. You're probably still in high school and I can tell you that most of the people from high school were forgettable because they just did what everyone else did. They were boring and unoriginal.

    I'm not saying to stand out just for the sake of it, but being in "the world" outside of high school I've seen that people are much more fun to be around when they aren't drones. Just some food for thought.

    • i didn't mean like I want to be like everyone else. I do stand out on my own. my personality makes me stand out on my own enough lol. and yes I am a junior in high school. I am just curious as to see what people are interested in these days just to see if there is a new style out there that I could reinvent and make my own. I do not want to copy other people seeing how I am a leader and not a follower type person. thanks for the help though.

    • Well see, that's the thing: there isn't just one dominant style. Everyone has their own "culture" they dress like. Look around your school and see how many types of people there are just from their clothes.

      I still think it would be best to just go out and find clothes YOU like and roll with that.

    • thanks. and this is true. thinking now, I might just reinvent my own style :) I like my style but it needs a little something...havent figured out what yet but something. thanks again.

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  • I hear that in North Korea fecal carvings and spit sandwiches are all the rage.

  • Forever 21 and H&M are very trendy, and made by the same poverty and hunger stricken people in Indonesia and Vietnam as Hollister and Aero employ.

    And by the way, Hollister and Abercrombie are expensive and utter sh*t. Aeropostale is cheap and utter sh*t, so don't worry about not wearing them.

  • Try reading magazines and newspapers for help. The Plain Dealer has a section called Style and Taste. They always have articles about fashion etc..

    However a good thing to remember? Vintage, will always be "in"


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  • Spring colors, mint, yellow, pink,

    I like


    • somebody's got a passion for fashion ;p

    • So true, pastels are Very popular. Heavily Decorated clothing studs sequins. Florals too. But may I say, I don't think you should dedicate your entire closet to what is popular right now, you'll waste a lot of money like that. Get some things that you really like. I've had clothes from my middle school Days and I still get complimented on because I take good care of them. Solids are always nice to have to piece outfits together.

    • thank you to you both. and yes definebeauty I understand. I jus want a basis of what to kinda look for but I'm always gonna go with what I like over the popular crowd anyways because at the end its my opinion that matters in the end.

  • anything on loveculture.com. I like to dress hipster-ish sometimes. hobo chic lol