When you are going tanning...

What tanning lotion do you use, and should you apply it before you go tanning? I heard that if you apply tanning lotion 30 minutes - 1 hour before you go tanning then you will get a really dark tan. Is that true?

Also do you have any tips for when you go tanning. Like tips to make the tan stay with you for over around 2-3 weeks easily?

I got a tan last week and it still looks the same. I burn sometimes in the sun but when I go tanning [ the first time I EVER went ] was last week and I got pretty dark on only a level 3 bed for like 6 minutes. So when I go today; I am going to go on a level 1 for 20 minutes [ its the same as a level 3 for 12 minutes just less money! ]

Is this a good idea?



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  • If you're naturally more pale and you burn easy, lower levels are best. But they have some pretty convincing canned tans too (FakeBake Xtreme, Shiseido etc. )


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  • I tan all the time and I have since the 90's. I use Swedish Beauty. I put it on right before I go in. I use baby oil on the shower after I wash. Just a little bit. I use to body build and this was a trick to keep your tan. It works. Its the same. I go everyday for 20 minutes and I don't look any older than I should. I use oil of olay on my face. It helps.