I feel like I look too young to even bother looking at guys my age?

For as long as I can remember, people have thought I was younger than I actually am. When I was little, it was fun. Now, well... not so much.

I'll be 18 in September, but I still look about 15. My height probably doesn't help things (I'm only 5'2"). My friends say that once you get to know me it's obvious how old I am, but that's no good before someone gets to know me.

What's been bothering me is that I feel like I "can't" look at guys in my age range because I look like I'm fresh out of middle school. I'm quite shy so I have a hard enough time letting a guy see me checking them out as it is; having to worry about how old I look doesn't help.

So, two questions:

1) How can I make myself look a bit older?

2) Any tips on becoming more confident about checking guys out?


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  • Dressing appropriately is the best way to go, I'd say. Unfortunately, people make snap judgments about who you are based on what you wear. Use this to your advantage and wear nice clothes that don’t make you look your age. You should probably stay away from baby pastels such as bubblegum pink, light blue, sea green, etc. Remember also that most people think that long-locked girls look very youthful, which is why female celebrities tend to grow out their hair or use extensions, so you may want to opt for a more mature bob. Also I'd suggest you avoid sparkly nail polish or thick, goopy lip gloss, since they are usually considered quite a "teen" thing. At least that's my opinion on it.

    As for confidence, I can't really help you there, I've always been naturally confident in walking my own path, so I haven't had problems like that.


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  • Men don't care. Men your age especially don't care. You looking small and cute works in your favor. If you want to look older you can wear more professional looking clothing as a norm and change accessories to be less bright and attention grabbing and more refined.

    As for your confidence all you need to remember is that men don't care. Unless you've been specifically turned down by a man because of how you looked it's not going to be prevalent and it will especially be a boon once you hit 20's and you look 18 or 19 so don't jump ahead of yourself thinking it's a bad thing because it's not a problem now and it'll work even more to your advantage in the future.

    You're a lucky woman.

  • 1) don't try to older, don't change a thing

    2) its all gonna depend on preference, your fun sized! fun sized girls are awesome, especially in bed. you get to throw em around and all that cool stuff.

    Keep doing you, your perfect the way you are


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