Is this guy jealous or annoyed?

I've like this guy in my classes for a few months now(let's just call him Z), and a week or two ago we were in orchestra class. Incase you aren't familiar with the setup of an orchestra, you share one music stand with another person. Well, I was joking around with my stand partner (who was also a guy) and we were laughing, and then he commented "Z looks like he wants to kill himself!" (he meant it in a joking way).

Anyways, I turn around and look at Z (who happens to be two chairs away from me) and he has the most annoyed look on his face and he was staring right at us.

Me and Z had been joking around too in our classes, so at this point we weren't really friends, but we were comfortable and we weren't strangers with each other.

Was he annoyed or jealous? Z is the class clown type, so I don't think he'd be mad at people for laughing.

Oh, also, I'm single at the moment (and Z knows it), so I'm not sure if that helps figure out how he feels

Thanks for the help :D


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  • He likes you that's why he's jealous when you're spending time with the other guy, your stand partner.


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  • Sounds like it's the early stages of showing interest in someone. Give it a go and let him in but don't be rude or anything to him.

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