Why is this girl always looking at me? we don't even talk

things to mention

1.we don't currently talk

2.when we did talk she has hugged me 2 different occassions and grabbed my shoulder once during a prayer session and when I grab it wasn't enough for me to say ow but it did make me open my eyes and say wth..?

she would always looks at me (laughed at my stupid jokes once)even now today especially more than once in less than 3 minutes while I was sitting to the left of her she would look at me and she did it a few more times during the day and would talk about me in our little group thing...like she said "oh I told you he was gonna come" when I walked into the room and when I went into the other room to grab a chair she's looking at me for a good 10 seconds + I'm thinking to myself wth but if I look at her she mumbled why am I looking at her( she didn't know I heard her) I used to think she liked me but after today my suspicions are starting to come back


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  • She likes you. When she mumbled why is he looking at me, you were meant to hear it, even if it was meant to sound like you weren't suppose to hear it. Kind of confusing. But putting it simple, I'd say she likes you. And since you actually took the time to get on here and post a question about this girl, I think it means you like her too. At least a little bit. But I'm just saying, I think she'll come to a realization that you don't like her if you don't do anything soon. She might move on to someone else, so just hike up your skirt and do something.


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  • It's clear that she is attracted to you.