How are you going to change your style and becoming whole new person?

last few days I got myself a brand new cloths for a new me, I changed my approach to life and even changed the type sounds and styles which I make my music.

my new music style has new depth to it and I'm using better , more of a natural sounding keyboard and adding transition to my beats and my music is now 100 time better...I should thank haters for that on..hahae. how are you going to change your style and becoming hole new person? I have say I really the greatest musician in town now , so haters can keep a thrown down.

I really am the best musician , my town boring..we one old man playing out tune banjo in front run down grocery and play out tune sleeps most the time then down street are cow bell that some kids bang .
I really am the best musicianin my town , my towns so boring..we only have a old man playing a out of tune banjo in front of a run down grocery store and he is playing out tune and he sleeps most of the time then down street are some cow bell that some kids bang .



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  • I meant to answer another question of yours and internet failed me after writing a LONG response and I hadn't heard your music back then, even then I was, in short, going to say:

    critics usually care so much for technique that offbeat music is uncomprehensible to them, also minimalistic works bores those who can not understand them, but that usually is narrow minded of them.

    I believe you have a somewhat big ego, but I also think an artist kind of NEED a big ego, or at least bigger than average.

    was writing you to listen to Budo, who often makes beats for rapper Grieves, he may not be your cup of tea but he has some offbeat music too, and some are also just the keyboard and him, I think he is proff that it can be done right.

    about your clothing style, I never had care honestly, but I guess you should think of it as you do with your music, to please YOU, and with a touch of unusual.

    I also had writen that, as I heard in The Simpsons lately, "whats wrong if you are your own #1 fan? it SHOULD be that way" I really believe this is true, not saying you don't have big fans, just saying that you are right to be your own fan, and again, you are better with a big ego than lacking of confidence, artists NEED extra confidence.

    finally, the sample song you provided felt a little unusual to me (I often times try to guess where music will go, and yourse I could not predict), not every story has to have a slow beggining, a conflict and a climax, then peacefull resolution, and yours I expect it even less, I do expect to have more building of tension and then release, it was there, but I was hoping to feel it more, it felt a little like Moonlight Sonata :P is a nice piece, but when I play it I feel too much tension building and no release, it kinds of frustrates me, but THATS THE EXACT IDEA, it has to be frustrating, in a COOL way, not sure if that was your intention, probably, that or the tension that a thriller creates? still I would have liked a little more release (hope I'm explaining myself OK), but IN SHORT, I don't think you suck, I for one can appreciate that kind of music, still is not my fav, nor will I go crazy about your beats, but I see what you are doing, and I think you are on a good path, and hell even if a lot of people hated your music, you express yourself, enjoy yourself.

    • man stared changing style and everything the way mainstream is, you make dollar without following the status que. so change simple electric "sound too.I seen making beat online he using some really instruments.

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  • Dude your perseverance is great. Your opening multiple accts (it appears) and continuously asking the same basic question in different ways is not.

    Your music needs to stop sucking for you to get noticed. The sense of harmony and rhythm and overall sense of taste just aren't at the level that most people would call properly musical - let alone for any number of people to actually like it.

    Yet you have perseverance on your side - if you are also able to learn you may turn this around. Read all you can on composition and music making and you will learn the rules and when to break them, thus avoiding rookie / amateur mistakes that are present in your compositions, seemingly, back-to-back.

    • that why I chagend, attualy did too 2 interview on major blogs now so known a little but know as what you want to buy link

    • the small group people who do like my music are called art nuts hahah and just because its not beautiful sounds those mean the music isn't art however I need work on level mixing and mastering so don't kill your ears lol

    • also about being prapoer , well tune and frequencies have to be at cretin level to please the ear hover looking artist aspects of my music ..I not going buy books because to me that would sailing out and turning me to a robot producer and same time I have do changes so expected and make a hit song.

  • your music sucks.

    • my grandmother can play better than you, and she's dead

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    • can you think of me to, so it doesn't feel wierd?