What can I do to stop him ?

I used to like some guy who is my school`s professor ,actually the showed me some affection and hen I got interested on him obviously he was much older than me but I didn`t care ,i wanted to have a relationship with him just after I finish with his department then we would be free ,but recently I found out he is married with kids ,actually he made me clear by wearing his ring on his left hand before,the ring was in his right hand all the times and he talked about his daughter during lecture after that day he wears his ring in his right hand again , once I asked him something unimportant just for opening an conversation and get sure if he is actually married or divorced ,he replied me very nice but the answer was like no and I don`t want to talk with you indirectlybut when I was talking he was looking at me with very passion and i`m sure of it actually whenever he looks at me I feel he is trying to make me sexually excited ,i fell he is playing a game with me to make me chasing him ,i like him ,i know it`s hopeless and I never never want to have an affair with him ,but he knows what he is doing, is there any way to stop him ?


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  • Okay first of all if you knew he was married in the first place, why did you try and pursue him? Another is that if he was or is your professor, that is not a good thing to date him since it can cause major problems. Also, what makes you think he wants to be with you? If he said no and made it clear, then why is this an issue? I think you may be making a bigger deal out of this than it really is. I think you have it in your head he is playing a game when he isn't even trying to do anything at all. You also need to go back to elementary school cause your grammar is awful.

    • i think you need to learn reading because I answered all of these questions you asked but seemingly you didn`t read it and about grammar i`m not a English speaker I `m pretty sure if you learn my language you grammar won`t be half good as me

      thanks for help

    • Ok your grammar is good I meant punctuation. I do not see a single period in your paragraph and the commas are misplaced.

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