How to shoot a professional looking video?

I want to found a website project I have via Kickstarter and one of the key points to get people to donate money to your project is to have a professional looking video. This is a one man, maybe two man project and we are both programmers so we have no clue how to make a video that would appeal to people. Are there any resources out there that could help me shoot a good looking video myself, or do you know about how much it would cost me to pay someone to help me make the video?

I was thinking about hiring students from the cinema and film department at my college, do you think I could get away with it for free given that is going to help them promote their work?


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  • Your going to need a lot of resources. Editing, people helping with the shoot. It depends a lot on what your going for... I would shoot a pilot and then link it to a kickstarter once or if it gets popular. I've seen quite a few series I was very impressed with and that have made money through kickstarter.