Girls, what are some signs you give when you want a guy to kiss you?

I'm watching a movie with a girl tomorrow and I kind of want to make a move. I don't really know what signs to look for from her as to proceed or not. It's our first time hanging out together so what do I look for?


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  • Like others have said, make sure it's the right time since it's your first hang out. But if you've been friends for a while you're probablyyyy good to go. (: If you're watching a movie, try putting your arm around her and see how she responds. If she snuggles into it and/or smiles and/or leans her head on your shoulder, that's a good sign. (: Another thing you can do, beforehand, is kind of test the waters by kissing her cheek or hand. When you're walking, take her hand, and say something like, "You're so beautiful!" and raise her hand to your lips and kiss it. If she smiles and blushes and possibly looks down a bit, that's a good sign. If she gives you a weird look, abort mission!


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  • Well, if its your first time hanging out there's nothing wrong with waiting for the second or third time to kiss. Make sure you don't move things faster than she wants to move them.

    That being said, you are watching a movie. So, if you look over to her at one point, and she looks back at you tha'ts a start. If she doesn't want to kiss she'll avoid looking at you too long. If she does, you might catch her taking glimpses at you or focusing more on you than the movie. If she looks at your lips that the number one sign to go for it. It's basically her subconsciously asking for the kiss.

    But really there's no check list. Just go for it if it feels right. If it doesn't, wait for next time!