Is there a nice way of saying a girl should be more girly

I'm not saying JUST style, I'm talking personality, style, etc..I was reading a question earlier about how this guy wants this girl to be more girlie and she said she will. I don't know if she actually will or not and how she'll go about it since I don't know her buttttt is there a better way of saying this.

I mean, I would feel insulted if a girl told me, I should be manlier..I mean, if you like me, you like me for me, right?

However, is there actually a nicer way of saying/asking this to a girl?

By the way, I think if I said/asked that to the girl I like, and she did..I think my head would explode because she's already super girly


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  • If you don't like her for her don't f*** with her.

    You'd feel insulted if she told you you should be more manly so why say it to her? There is no nice way to say that.just friend zone her and move on


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