How far will looks get you if you are a little socially inept?

I have a crush on a guy, and I want to talk to him but I am a little socially awkward I have a mild case of Asperger's. I have had boyfriends before and stuff, but this guy I am worried might be out of my league he has a really nice body, but his face is more sort of cute and averageish though. Even though I am awkward I have a pretty face and am relatively good looking, good body, will this make up for the fact that I am awkward?


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  • You have to understand that it is different for every person. Every guy prefers different personalities. Many talkative guys like a little socially awkward girls because they may be good listeners... It depends, go for it, just see what happens, he may not be into you, but he may be.


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  • A hell of a lot. Keep in mind also that it is actually quite hard to be socially awkward for long when you are attractive. People gravitate towards you and want to talk to you - so in no time you will have accumulated enough practice to be good at talking to people.

    Unless you are not actually that attractive.

  • it's easier for you because you're a girl so your social inability will affect your chances much less than if you were a guy.

    However you need to make him understand quickly that you are into him, that way he will hopefully take the lead in the interaction.

    He'll do most of the work for you if he finds you attractive.


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  • It will be intriguing, of course, but most people will still shy away from talking to someone if they seem unapproachable, for whatever the reason. it will work in your favour that you're good looking, of course, but don't rely SOLELY on it. make a small effort to be a little less socially awkward, even if it's pretend, lol. or if you wanna start with working with only your looks, you have to amp it up. I get told I have a pretty face as well, which I feel looks cute with no make up but if I really wanna catch someone's attention, I put a bit of eyeliner and cover up on. maybe switch up my hairstyle (it's really wavy, so I'll straighten it out) and wear something tight, of course ;)

  • Embrace the awkwardness, play off of it by sort of making a joke about it. That way you will seem more approachable to him, humor is always a good thing to show when it comes to guys. I have Asperger's too, and I have realized that even if I think it is extremely obvious that I like a guy, it isn't always true because my body language absolutely sucks, so I honestly would just recommend telling him you are into him! :)