Women find the female body hotter

Now I don't care too much of what people think but one thing is bugging me. I am fit and look good by my own standard or any other man would say I am fit and look good. (Especially gays).

Now I hear that women like the female form way more and find the male form kind of weird and a turn off.

Now I have been running and stuff in parks and doing mild stuff at the gym and at both I see women looking at me. At the gym there were 2 and they giggled and it kind of annoyed me. I mean I get that women think our bodies look sick but you don't have to stare and laugh about it.

Sometimes I just feel like I could go to an all male gym and am starting to go to the park early morning or late afternoon where there aren't many people (aka women).

So why is this. It is kind of annoying. I have been learning to ignore it as much as possible though.
Women find the female body hotter
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