Are you girls attracted to metrosexuals?

heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, and life style. Does not mean that they are gay or act really "girly"

but just cares about their looks.

I myself am a Metrosexual

but as I was reading articles about Metrosexual

i find that more and more females tend to believe that metro's are unattractive just because "they can't protect me" or " they can't man up" and "Not masculine"

Just because you are Metro, does not mean you are not manly.

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and David Beckham are great examples of a metrosexual.

This also means that not all metro's shave their legs, or care about their looks more than a woman would.

For example, I wax my eyebrows and get manicures once every 2 weeks. I don't shave my legs. Only down "there". I try to look neat and clean in front of others both physically and fashionably.

At most I spend (I REPEAT AT MOST) 1 hour getting ready to go out. Depending on the situation. I don't act "girly" lol

My friends don't say that and they are females.


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  • Brad Pitt is really hot haha, so I guess SOME are hot. I usually like guys to look like... more like casual I guess? Haha can't really explain it. I would feel weird if a guy cared more about his looks than I did, I guess :S

    • Meaning like a guy that doesn't try to look good for every occasion lol

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  • I actually think metrosexuals are more attractive and I disagree with the "they can't protect me" and "they aren't masculine" statements as well. In general, metros are more multi-dimensional and more comfortable with their masculinity. I have a metro guy friend who has a great sense of style, sometimes he'll even joke around about his sexuality or he'll comment on how some actor is really pretty. But he's also really into martial arts and fencing and has a great girlfriend who he treats really well. When he needs to be a protective dude he can do it and when he needs to be a more sensitive, emotional guy he can pull that off too.

    So yeah. I think metrosexuals are way hot. :)

  • Personally, no, not at all. I think David Beckham is gross.

    I would never go out with a guy who waxes his eyebrows and...gets manicures! Call me a traditionalist, but I like a guy to do...manly things...and they definitely don't include getting manicures. Besides, you're probably more put together than I am and I'd feel like a slob next to you. I want to feel pretty when I'm out with a guy; not to be competing WITH the guy.

  • Metrosexuals can look hot, about the shaving legs thing, I actually prefer guys who shave their legs lol, like Cristiano Ronaldo-he's the sexiest man alive and he is metrosexual and shaves his legs lol.

    • Hahaha

      i use to shave my legs but stopped

      the only reason why I have done that was because my ex girlfriend made me

      how ironic lol

    • Lol, well I know lots of girls who prefer guys who do no shave but I just think hair free is sexier.

  • I am one of those girls who's completely into Metrosexual men! I can't have it any other way! I love my pretty boys who got style, as long as they still got that manly edginess to them! Yum Yum


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