Staring but not smiling

I would stare and smile at this cute girl to get her attention but it didn't really work, but I still try sometimes. But now about once or twice a week she will stare straight at me, not looking away without smiling... tad bit creepy but I try to smile at her and her face seems to stay neutral, I eventually have to look away and drop my smile out of embarrassment AND SHE IS STILL STARING. I like her but I don't know know what this means!

Extra: I know she's not just spacing out because its she stares dead in my eyes and I sit in the back so there's nothing interesting behind me

Also on time she stared right at me and SMILED! And she continued to smile, and smile, and smile, and smile for what felt like 3 min.. lol I do like her but yea haha


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  • A guy did this to me. He kept staring at me with an odd, blank, serious stare. I thought he didn't like me because I'm outgoing with my friends but around guys I tend to get shy and quiet, and he would see this; but then one time he complimented me and since then he smiles and says hi and so do I. He recently winked at me and gave me a warm smile. So what I want to give to you with this is that maybe she is just shy but she wants to talk to you.


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  • Hmmm. Some guy does this to me too! It's very odd!

  • She was being friendly.


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