Do girls get intimidated by some men? How can I look less intimidating.. to women?

Long story short: I've never had a girlfriend and I am just now finishing up my first year in college. Within the past couple of years I've wondered why I cannot get a girlfriend, and I've noticed a lot of people find me intimidating. I never knew why I couldn't get a girlfriend because I come from a good family, smart, funny, friendly, easy to talk to, and nice. I'm 6'4 and tan-ish complected and have a military type buzz cut which I just now switched to but I didn't have it in the past.. I play college sports so I'm pretty buff. I think my eyes are what sets it off because they are shaped more squinty and almost shaped and I have thick black hair and eyebrows..

I dress simple and nice. Definitely nothing out of the ordinary... Sometimes button ups, plain shirts, jeans, nice shoes act...

Is this the reason I can't find anyone? It's really annoying and bothering me that I do not know what my problem is. What can I do?

It's suppose to say get* on the title -.-


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  • The fact that you're so confident intimidates them. But you have it the right way it shouldn't bother you. You'll find someone who'll appreciate you for what you are. I guess those people are either jealous or can't cope with you since they got complexes and sh*t. I mean I can't explain it right but if they're intimidated by you than they're not for you, these girls, these guys, these people. Just be yourself as you are and she'll come and she'll be someone you deserve :)


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  • I think it's your looks and the way you carry yourself. I myself get intimidated when I see a really hot, beautiful looking guy and feel like they're so out of my league. Try to look more open, friendly, smile at others and everything. You'll definitely find girls approaching you more and not feeling so intimidated.

  • Maybe its not your looks , how confident are you when it comes to talking to girls ?

    • I am really confident.. It doesn't bother me

    • I don't know then :p I'm sorry I don't get the vibe tha anythings wrong with you,well I'm almost 18 and I've never had a boyfriend so we`re kinda in the same boat, hope you find a good girl soon though :D best of luck

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