Do confident girls not look away?

I notice that confident girls like the "top sorority" girls will look at me but won't look away even if I look back. We share eye contact.

But they never like say hi or smile or try to talk to me. So what's really going on?

I've been told I look cute, but idk. I'm not sure. My profile pic has a couple of pics...


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  • Different people have different comfort levels. It could be true that confident girls are willing to hold eye contact longer but it have nothing to do with being in a top sorority.


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  • i don't think it has anything to do with confidence they probably are just wondering why you are looking

    • cuz they're cute? lol

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  • I recognize what you just said.

    What these girls might be doing is playing "hard to get", they want you to initiate so that they can be the selector.

    It's like knights trying to show off princesses how worthwhile they are to them, just like in the feudal age, these princesses chose whoever they thought was the most fitting.

    Being the selector gives you a lot more control of who you wish to know more about, same goes for both genders.

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