Graduation outfit? Need help?! All answers welcome!

I need to match my graduation dress with a pair of shoes and an outfit. I am clueless of what to do. I am going for that skater punk girl look. I already have my dress and the jewellery with my nails, I just need shoes and a hairstyle. So my dress is black, in the middle there is a column of white skulls randomly placed that covers the middle of my dress top to bottom front and back. The top front of my dress has a lace in the front to look like a corset and there are no funky wrinkles. It has regular straps and is just above my knees. I have brown hair with blond highlights (thinking of dying it, maybe not), a pair of in style nerd glasses (not sure if I should wear them), and am very skinny. My jewellery mostly contains skulls and I want a pair of boots but I don't know what style, but I want all black with no heels. Maybe flats, but no heels. I have no idea with my hair, but I'm sticking to the black and white theme so no crazy colors. Bottom line is, what shows and hair should I have? Thanks.


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  • Let your hair run straight and I always find ladies with high heels attractive.

    Also, just wear earrings as your accessory.


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