She hates me now, is there anything else I can do to up to this point?

Long story shory: So this girl and I had an issue at work, I reported her and she got demotted because of this. Little I know this was going to happen trust me and what I worst she quitted because of this.

I liked her and I have a feeling she liked me as well. But now with all of this I don't know anymore.

Last time I saw her she gave me the meanest look...a look that pretty much said everything. I talked to her gay friend and he said that I shouldn't talk to her.

So I guess there is nothing I can do now right? Or is there a slight chance of me rescuing anything at all?


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  • You have pretty much ruined any chance of having any kind of relationship with her.

    • so I am screwed then? What if I tried to talk to her?

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  • lets see...u got her fired...she shot you a mean look, and her friend told you to stay away from her...what the f*** would make you think you have any chance?

  • You can't do anything right now.

    You've reported her thus her anger or hatred to you increased.

    You can't fix anything now.