Females 6ft+ do you like being that tall?

I ask because most girls tend to prefer a taller guy than them. Do you feel being that tall is a blessing or a curse?

Do ya feel it limits your options, whether it be you don't prefer a shorter guy or most guys feel weird with a taller gf?

If you're under 6ft but taller than most guys in the area nswer too.


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  • I am under 6 ft tall but I am 5'7 and around here, that's tall and it makes me feel awkward and like guys just aren't interested. Its a sad thing that being tall is kinda looked down on but hopefully I'll find that guy who loves me how I am and finds my tallness a part of what makes me beautiful. And as or me, I don't care if the guy of interest is taller or shorter than me!


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