Why do Guys think plain Jane women are moralistic and good but gorgeous women sleep around?

Men should not box women in. I've seen, talked to and heard about a lot of of plain Jane homely slutty bitchy acting women. Then there are nice, friendly, caring, non-slutty, gorgeous, party girls who just like to dance. Every woman is an individual .

I think guys really should not look at a girl and stereotype her from her looks alone, get to know her. I like clothes, fashion, etc. and I have been told I have supermodel looks but I hate being stereotyped by nice stable guys as a party girl, slut, etc. Because I do not sleep around, I do not cheat, I am nice and caring, physically fit, etc. I am a one man girl. I don't do hookups, never have.

The nice guys do not talk to me, I get lots of players, and its so annoying. I just wish a really nice guy would approach me. By the way, I used to be married, I'm divorced because my ex was a womanizer and abusive.

There are many mean, evil, plain Jane women. Do not judge a book by its cover

My relatives do not believe me, I always seem to attract arrogant male players, womanizers, abusers, stalkers, etc.. They are even wondering why I do not get a nice guy. I am wondering where the nice guys are myself. Ille try internet dating, maybe they are on the internet.


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  • Now, You rip on guys right now for believing in only 2 categories of women

    -> normal woman who is moralistic and good.

    -> hot woman who is a slut.

    But you do the same stupid mistake by putting wrongfully guys into 2 categories

    -> nice guys (good)

    -> players - womanizer (bad)

    You are stupid to think a nice guy is necessarily good, and a player is a bad person.

    A nice guy is nice because he puts you on a pedestal and has no game. Not because he's a good person.

    A player is not bad because he knows how to talk to women. He knows how to pick up chicks easily, and some of them abuse it, but some of them don't, and just respect their wife.


    Pierre woodman says:

    I have seen chicks wanking and sucking Dicks with their engagement ring

    I have seen chicks saying "I love you" on the phone to their boyfriend while having their mouth full of cum

    I have seen chicks getting f***ed at lunch time and see the boyfriend for dinner

    I have seen everything...

    And they were not sluts. Some were very smart and well educated. "Mrs. Everybody" ...

    Women are very very very complicated. It's not even worth trying to understand what's going on in their brain.

    Also, society wants to tell us that the nice guy is the one who comes to you with flowers. And that the guy who comes and say he wants to F.u.c.k you is the bad guy. Why ?

    What's the difference between the "nice guy" who comes with flowers, and the one who comes with nothing ?

    There is NONE ---> BOTH want to F.u.c.k you.

    the only small difference is that the nice guy hides his desire behind the flowers because he's got no balls. That's all. But you live in a society that is not ready to accept that...



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  • I agree, people shouldn't just judge and think everyone

    to be the same, but women does their share of judging too ^.~

  • Well, I for once live in the gray zone.

    I could care less if you are a model or not, I could care else if you're into fashion or not etc.

    What I do pick up is a persons attitude and opinion about several things and base thought about him or her regarding of what he or she have said.

    For example: If a guy is talking/bragging about the girls he have been with then he has a high percentage of him being a player/womanizer. But he might not be a player per ce, but still.

  • Because it SEEMS more likely

    Yet plenty of plain janes are slutting around and many gorgeous girls have never been taken because they intimidate everyone

    • Many things in life are not always what they seem. many women can play the innocent card very well and look the part. I read that actress Hayden Panitarrie was a child sex slave? (I read it ), she looks pretty innocent.

      And look at Angelina Jolie how sexed up, modelistic she looked, wearing blood, did anyone ever think she wanted to be a mom with 10 kids and housewife, no

    • Actually to EDIT I meant actress Hayden Panitarrie, I read was a young prostitute (escort girl) , not sex slave

    • You're right - many things are not what they seem like

  • you may say you want a nice guy but will always reject them

  • Why don't you approach the nice guys?

    • I am old fashioned in the sense that I do not think women should approach men. Men should be men and do the approaching

    • Even men who are men don't have the opportunity to approach every girl they might like! I get to hit on maybe 25% of the girls I'd be happy to consider. If you really do have supermodel looks and a good personality, you're jeopardizing your future happiness on the basis of tradition. Tradiiton isn't necessarily a good thing. Traditionally, women weren't allowed to work or own property for example.

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  • It makes them feel better to assume negative things about a bad bitch they likely couldn't attract in the first place. You probably attract a**holes because you have been married for one for so long that you've gotten used to putting up with that type of behavior. You have to reprogram yourself and lift your self esteem because a**holes can sense which women will tolerate their behavior and which women wont.