Girls would you get mad at someone if you keep glancing their way but they never turn around to look at u

assuming he asked you out but you Haven't gone on the date yet. you're in a class but he never turns around whne you glance at him during class (u sit next to each other) and you ve talked before and text a lot and you know he s interested and you re interested

but would you lose interest in him because of it? she seems cold toward me after. (via email not face to face since I kind of avoided her)

we were supposed to go out so I asked her if she's free this week and she said probably not until next week. then I asked her to let me know next me if she wants to have dinner (that was our original plan)

and she only replied OK we can do that.

is she angry? is she delaying and trying to get rid of me?

or is she interested but trying not to seem too interested
would you also think date might be awkward?


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  • No I would not be offended or nervous regarding your scenario but read below and ask yourself at what point do you just say something...

    When I worked in London, every morning I would catch the same train into Waterloo Station, during my first week, I noticed this guy staring at me, but I never thought much of it as we always seem to be on the same car, though I picked a different one everyday.

    Monday through Friday I would catch this train, for nearly 3 months this went on, when I knew it was my last day on the train I got up and as I passed him I smiled at him hoping he would say something to me, he just smiled back.

    He never saw me again. I always wondered if he regretted not speaking to me that day. I was to shy myself to talk to him.


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  • I think she is trying to let you lead ...meaning you make the decision when it is going to happen, if she says she is not available that day offer her another, if she says it again, well than most likely she does not want to have dinner with you but doesn't want to hurt your feelings either.

    hope this helps you..

  • Hahaha it'd be clear that the guy is very nervous to meet the girls' eye contact in case it betrayed any feelings of wanting. I wouldn't be mad, actually I'd feel a combination of disappointed (because I like to his face and experience the butterflies of eyecontact) and a little flattered that it's me that's making him nervous.

  • No why would that make me mad. It might make me think he's shy, or nervous around me in person but it wouldn't make me mad.

  • No I would not be mad. I would think that he has a good reason for not looking over as long as he is not ignoring me the rest of the time.

    I someone did get mad I would guess that she is insecure

    Hope this helps


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