Is there something about me?

Lately a lot of ladies with kids have been awfully flirty with me I don't get it? I don't consider myself mature,or responsible nor do I look affluent (even though I am, I don't dress like it) and even get comments on how I look real young for my age. I don't get it I guess they think I study a lot given my GPA, but really that's just from my photographic memory, and my naturally high IQ. Now provided they are younger women with kids so I don't know how that affects that or if I just so happen to be in an area where there is a disproportionate amount of young single moms.


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  • Do you wear shirts that say I like to pay child support?

    • lol no and even then I'm not legally obligated that is the biological father's responsibility and no some of these ladies are well off and have their futures planned out

    • Well, the question asker should get a t-shirt like this: link


      But of course replace "Andy" with his real name

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