I wanna be the hot girl not the cute one!! ADVICE!

here's the thing, usually I'm the cute girl, the little one, the nice one, a little shy sometimes and crazy I'm a normal girl, I'm 19 I'll turn 20 in october, every time me and my girls we take pictures and stuff the usually have these hot pauses and I always go with the cute smile, I have a nice smile:D but I wanna b this sexy girl a hot girl, my facebook had all these cute pics but I want hot ones

plz any advice help anything=)


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  • OK people she asked how to be hot, not for a public service announcement lol. You're about to be 20, it's not like you're a child, its okay for a grown woman to be sexy. If you want to change your looks you can do that, it doesn't change who you are.

    You are lucky because you're naturally cute. Any girl can be hot but not every girl can be cute. You have the best of both worlds, unlike some girls who can only rely on their hotness.

    *You need confidence. You have to KNOW that you are hot and sexy.

    *Your body has to be on point. Whatever look you are going for (slim busty Maxim girl look or a thick curvy video model look) just make sure your body is toned and rockin and ready for some exposure

    *Wear hot clothes. Not slutty but push up bras are necessary for cleavage, tight jeans. Leave something to the imagination though. If you are showing cleavage don't show too much legs, etc.

    *Smokey eye makeup and hair extensions will be your BFF


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  • Hon you need time to come into your own. I'm the cute girl too and at 27 I think it's the best thing ever. The worst thing for you to do is think of yourself as commercially sexy. You know, like the girls on MTV and all that sh*t. Try to zone into the things which make you cute, capitalize on them and make them work for you. It's hard to be the hot girl when everyone else wants the same. There is not competition or dilution when you know you are the real you? There can be only one SXCHIQA :-)

    Chin up girl...being cute has always been SEXY!

  • There are more important things in life than being "hot." Being cute is great; it's who you are. Why do you want to change that?

  • yeah hot just means to guys, a little sexier outfit. something that is a little naughty but still appropriate to go out in day light hours.

    hair, take care fof your hair because guys do notice it

    diet, exercise. thin girls; that's what most my guy friends say are hot

    • =) iam thin, jus need this sexy pauses and outfit dono how

  • by pauses do you mean poses?

    anyways..i TOTALLY get what you're saying. I'm trying myself; this is my plan; running and working out 1 hour every day, spray on tan, and get amazing hair (highlights or a full dye job), and for makeup- eye liner and mascara, blush and a vibrant pink..