Do you think because the media is cruel to black women, it is bad to change some of our look?


Desta said everything about how the media negatively depicts is, I know who controls the media, yet I am powerless in my position. I know that they will make the black women look worse month to come, we are always angry and yelling. Since American men are easily brainwashed by the media, I feel that any guys who sees me feels like I will yell or be angry for apparently no reason at all. I think minds are fragile and we must come to the conclusion that color-ism exists and nothing can stop it even the occult like media. I have surrendered and as you know changed my looks from keke Palmer to raven symone by using products in my activity box. Do you think men perceive black women wrongly from what the media says about us? Do you think some black women suffer from unfair stereotyping and conditioning? Do you fee like black women are less in demand? do you think it hurts black women an if you are a black women, does it hurt you? They always use biracial s to replace us in movies and they want us to be mixed on tv, men see this and dislike our untrendy looks. Is it evil, yes and can it stop us from marriage and reproducing, yes...then why is it so bad to change black features...things are not going to change for us soon...are they?

I only love black women

I myself have lost weight to be very thin by diet pill, changed my nose with nose right which is cheap, brought only one bottle of ivory caps and taken it with vitamin c and lipoic acid, and then used hairinifity and flat irons...? I look less black, not because I hate my soul or my true self, but because I wanted people to see me for the real me..and not stereotype me, it hurt-ed me so much as it hurts me to see less black women being asked to go to the prom or proposed to. Do you think the media influences or single rates...or correlates to it? What is so bad about changing our image though to avoid pain. Black men don't even like us anymore like they used to, their liking for us was even better in slave days...

This is my last question!



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  • I think a lot of that is paranoia.

    The media's agenda is to sell sh*t. That primarily means selling sh*t to white middle class boomers and their kids, though they grab other niche markets where they can.

    Now, does the media end up projecting certain things then that impact people? Hell yes. But that's generally collateral damage. There's no plot to keep black women single.

    The most frequently single group in the u.s. is not black women. It's Asian males. Black male-white female and white male- Asian female relationships are common compared to other IR pairings.

    Why is a very interesting question. Personally, I think there are a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest in my mind is how different groups flirt within their ethnic group and how that carries over to flirting outside their ethnic group.

    I suspect when it comes to physical appearance, weight may be the biggest factor, though I don't know that for sure.

    Can I ask why you mention losing weight as being something you group with 'looking less black'? I'm not sure that there's a genetic link, but there is a big cultural one. I've seen stats on black women's dating success on sites like okcupid, but I'd love to see the data adjusted by weight.


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  • The problem I have with black women is that they chastise black men for dating outside their race... yet most of them have a white guy fetish. The two faced nature is why I avoid them

  • Well, I don't watch TV shows anyway.

    And, in my everyday life, for about 19 years of my existence, I've not seen people being cruel to black women. They are treated just like everybody else.


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  • Im one of those chicks who give a DAMN what the media and my life has been positvely shaped by the fact that I don't!
    Black men dont like me? FUCK THEM! My boyfriend's puerto rican anyway! Besides, Black guys do love me. :)

    I think the problem is that people care too much about the media.