What was this guy really thinking?

There is a guy who sits next to me in a college science class.

please read the story:

In the beginning of the semester, he used to glance and stare at me like A LOT, even in locations where he had turn his head just to see me and say hi and smile. Then later in the semester, he stopped staring and looking, because he probably realized I am showing interest in him, but only as a friend.

So, now in the class we are learning about a science topic--the Male reproductive system. So, the guy sits next to me in class and was ready for class. So, when I opened my notebook, and got ready, I looked to the side and the guy was smiling and looking at me without saying anything. I said, "What?" he answered, "nothing" still smiling and looking at me. I said, "ok"

So, I knew he was smiling because of the topic we were learning today. BUT, what was he really thinking when he was looking at me?

Woops, I mean in the first paragraph: ***he realized I am NOT showing interest in him, but only as a friend.


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  • hes just messing with you, he does likes you your probably pretty but he's not crazy about you or eager to make a relationship, so whenever he's in the mood he smiles and when distrusted got something else on his mind he ignores you?,.


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  • He thought that you're interested in the male reproductive system.


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  • I have no way of knowing this guy or what he is thinking but it sounds like a bunch of game playing. I think you either need to be upfront and tell him how you feel and/or ask him how he feels, or just ignore him and move on.

    • What kind of game playing is it?

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    • Besides what you said, I know he was smiling and looking at me because of the science topic we were learning in class. So, my other question is: Why was he acting like that? Was he embarrassed?

    • I don't have anyway of knowing, sorry I can't answer better.

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