Guys what the heck was this?!

omg last Wednesday I was siting down listening to music during our break and looking down at the ground --then he came in and I looked at the lower half of his body (I didn't look at his face so I didn't know it was him) then I'm like those pants look so familiar so I'm looking transfixed at his crotch OMG! well he noticed it looked like he was gonna turn around and go but then he turned around back in the direction of class and stood there I quickly looked down--that was so messed up!:D

i shy away from checking out guys--that was SOOO unintentional I bet I looked vulgar at that moment:/ I hope I didn't scare my crush :P
the problem is that he's in ALL of my classes so I'm trying to act normal as if it never happened:(
ok how should I act--i already ignore him a little


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  •'re making WAY too much of a big deal out of this...He probably doesn't even think about this at all...

    • out of embarrassment :) but I'm glad you see it as something normal:P

    • It is, so stop ignoring him or else you will DEFINITELY never have him...

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  • he probably stood there thinking what is up with you and whether or not he should say something to you.!,?.,

  • @Update2: but it did and he caught you ^_^

    • he just stood there watching me look at his crotch! I looked down--why didn't he just like walk away or something?:D by the way I think he likes me because he glances at me in class and looks away when I look up,he gave me a time management cd when I told him I had issues with studying--said he was listening and thought of me and that he has a copy--he seems like the shy type and he's really smart so do you think he enjoyed it? god this is so messed up

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    • @Question Asker: ah yes now I remember, he used to look/stare at you smile to you and stuff, during the class, but then he stops doing that and you get interested in him... well if you don't want to ask him out, then friend him on Facebook or something and text each other for a while until he gets read to ask you out?., }

    • already did talk to him occasionally but I'm traditional I don't chase guy we talk occasionally and no when I first would see him in the morning or watever he would have a big smile when he sees me--i laugh alot--im a happy person so I guess it rubbed on him..and he secretly glances at me in class-ive never confronted him...but I remember how when I first started speaking to him he once said while looking in my face how its usually the pretty girls who are the bad/mean 1's I just shrugged because I'm str8

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  • Who the heck cares. Guys have a package, girls have boobs. Nobody ain't gonna make me believe that guys don't stare at my chest all day, so why should a girl be ashamed if her eyes wander around a dude's area. It doesn't matter. You weren't staring at him in a distateful manner, I'm sure, so if anything, he's pleased that he cought you staring. I don't really see a problem with that. Just put on your big girl panties and have no shame. You didn't mean wrong, you shouldn't be ashamed.