Summer fashion for guys

So.. School is ending and I've got loads of paychecks saved up, and after wearing a uniform for 4 years- I need clothes! So I'm coming to everyone here- what kind of summery looks do you like on guys? =P


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  • first you need to consider what kind of image you want/suits you

    then which color you like, and then combine them

    that's how easy it is.

    the best fashion is the one

    you decide for yourself, instead

    of looking through magazines

    according to me, that is ^.~

    • haha. you are right =P. I'm going for a more edgy/solid color kind of thing, but I would love to layer it with other stuff. I'm blond haired- so I love wearing black to contrast with that =P

    • I usually wear white and black together, they go well

      with each other, also because I have white hair, though

      not naturally.. black is typically a safe bet

      to go for as a color ^.~

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  • i also need new clothes for the summer but have no idea what to get and whenever I go to stores I don't find what I'm looking for

    • welcome to my life man... its mostly me going through stores blindly, and being like- eh, I can use this I guess and buying it haha.

  • You can never go wrong with the stylish Hawaiian outfits.

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