How do I care less about my looks in this day and age

I care so much about looking better. The problem, I already look pretty good. Posted my pic on a few sites and I get told I'm like a 6-8. Even though its better than avg I just think its bad, and I care WAY to much. How do I care less?


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  • I've felt the same before. Not anymore, though.

    I feel like, when you judge your own self physically, it isn't even about you. It's about other people's perspective, still. If you give any credence to what other people think about your appearance, even people who just pass you by on the street, you'll always be self conscious and probably mildly obsessive about it.

    You have the power to decide whether or not you're attractive. Nobody else does. Others can decide whether or not you are their preference, but not your level of attractiveness, because that would be demeaning to anyone who decided that you are their preference, essentially saying that someone else's opinion is wrong, and that we should all be robots who do the same thing, look the same way, etcetera. If you think you are attractive, you are, and own that. If you don't, you really need to work on your self confidence. It's not about what's on the outside, because any look can be worked with, it's about how you feel about YOU and what you project to others.

    Predators always go for the weaker animals.


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  • Better being between a 6 and a 8 then those steroids fake acting player smile boys that get's 9's and 10's :P..

    Just know guys that look like a 9 or 10 are a**holes! ^^

    No one is perfect -.-

    • Its just whenever I see a 1-10 scale, no matter what its for (looks, movie reviews, games) I always think of it like a school grade. 5 and lower is an F, 6 is a D, and so on.

    • Don't let strangers tell you that you are a 6/7/8/9 or 10!

      They don't know you.

      I never asked people how they think that I look like.

      I love myself and that's all that matters!

      If you love yourself the way you are, it shows!

      And then you are always a 10 to others.

      Because confidence is the secret key ;)

  • Focus on people less fortunate than you. Maybe donate to a charity like SmileTrain?


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  • I don't know but if you find out please tell me. I spend way too much time looking in the mirror and reading up on plastic surgery and preventing male pattern balding.

    At least you have the comfort of knowing you are a 6-8, try obsessing over it when your a 4!

  • Just don't mind it.

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