Prom accessory help?

I just got this dress:


And I was wondering what kinds accessories some more fashionable people than I would suggest? I have some in mind, and curious to see if it aligns with what others suggest. Any opinions on the dress from guys is welcome too. Thanks! =]


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  • That dress, in that shade is a statement in and of itself, and that being said I feel you can go one of two ways with accessories

    1. elegant highlights - grab some strappy gold shoes, some thin gold bangles on one arm, a small gold clutch and some long gold earrings. If that isn't enough, do your hair up and throw in a thin three straped headband

    2. funky 50s - pop it up and out with some chunky turqouise heals and same color beaded choker with a big retro ring and an over arm bag

    • Thanks for answering! =]

      I was thinking more of the first option there, except silver instead of gold.

      I really like the second idea too, though.

  • Personally,I like the silver strappy heels,in the photo.What about some sexy wrist or elbow length matching gloves?Some sexy hose and undies might be a nice touch,too.

    • Thanks for answering! =]

      I like the hose idea and have been looking for some nice ones.

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